Get the latest workout updates and routines! You can choose whether you want to hear from the tally ex community, your own personal trainer or both! 


Log workouts 

This is where the real excitement starts! Use the speech recognition feature to easily log a workout. You tell the app what exercises you did and it puts the information in a table. It's easy to edit the table to exactly how you like it. 

After this you can submit the workout to tallyex, save the workout routine or challenge a friend to do this workout! 



This is how you keep track of how much of one exercises you did and when. When you type for example  'pushup' in the search bar it shows you the amount you did and the date you did it. The app uses the information from the workouts you logged. Don't let the line drop! 


Are you a leader? 

At the leaderboard you can see how well you are performing compared to all the tally ex users or to your own personal group. By clicking the button on the right side you can choose whether you want to compare yourself only to your friends or to everyone who uses the app. If you are the best in a certain exercise you can call yourself a leader.